10 Worst Superman Tattoos


Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel,' the latest retelling of the Superman origin story, is hitting theaters this year -- as was apparent by the epic trailer that hit back in December. And as we've gathered from studying the fans of superhero movies, we've noticed an untraditional approach to showing appreciation for highly-anticipated movies and iconic characters.

Unlike Twi-hards or Harry Pot-heads, you won't see Superman enthusiasts (well, many Superman enthusiasts) donning red capes and spandex suits to the midnight showings. Instead, they'll opt to show their love for the comic book character in a more permanent expression -- utterly horrible tattoos!

It's one thing to get the Superman "S" logo emblazoned on your body, but an entirely different message conveyed when people see it tearing through your flesh through a larger-than-life ripped-skin tat -- which brings us to our first offender of the 10 worst Superman tattoos...

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