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It's appropriate at the end of the year to look back on all the best moments, and for us that really refers to the best in movies and TV. When it comes to the best movie trailers and posters, the best TV series and sitcoms, the worst film and the greatest of 2012, we definitely have our opinions. Now it's time for you to voice yours.

The 2012 ScreenCrush Awards is your chance to do what we do -- rank the best movies and TV shows of the year! Check out the full list of the nominees and categories below, and be sure to click the links underneath for more info on each candidate. Winners will be announced in January, but until then... Happy voting!

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Read More About the Best Movie Trailer of 2012 Nominees

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Read More About the Most WTF Moment of 2012 Nominees

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Read More About the Biggest Movie Eyegasm of 2012 Nominees 

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Read More About the Most Kick-Ass Fight Scene of 2012 Nominees 

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Read More About the Best Cosplay of 2012 Nominees

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Read More About the Best TV Series of 2012 Nominees 

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Read More About the Funniest Sitcom/Comedy of 2012 Nominees 

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Read More About the Worst Movie of 2012 Nominees 

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Read More About the Best Movie Poster of 2012 Nominees

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Read More About the Best Movie of 2012 Nominees

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