For as much as we're still trying to wrap our heads around Jack Bauer's 2014 return in limited series '24: Live Another Day,' fans of the iconic series anxiously await news of what former stars, beside Kiefer Sutherland, will return for the surprise revival. If nothing else, the franchise will remain in good hands as veteran '24' director Jon Cassar has signed up to return to the series, but who else is on board?

Several other writers and producers have either been approached or entered negotiations, including David Fury, though it's worth noting is Cassar directed 59 episodes of the original '24' series, sitting out the eighth season in spite of this two Emmy wins. In addition to directing the first two episodes of '24: Live Another Day,' Cassar will also act as an executive producer alongside 'Homeland' showrunner Howard Gordon.

“I’m excited to call ‘action!’ again on the set of the resurrected 24,” said Cassar in a press release. “Considering I was not involved in Season 8, this…gives me the chance for closure on a show that is very important to me.” Said Gordon of the development, “Jon was a profoundly integral part of 24 creatively and culturally. It doesn’t feel like it would be 24 without him, and we’re all just really thrilled to be working with him again.”

Few details are known of '24: Live Another Day,' other than its 12-episode structure that will pick up the pace from its namesake format, though fans have certainly clamored for the return of Mary Lynn Rajskub's techie character Chloe O'Brien.

What say you to '24''s big return? Who are you hoping signs up to 'Live Another Day?'