'3,' the dating reality show on CBS, has not lasted as many episodes as its title. The show has been cancelled after two low-rated episodes, and was partly killed off by the appeal of the Olympics. 'The Good Wife' reruns are now set to be in its place.

Though the show never gained much traction ratings-wise, reality programming has generally been cheap to produce as overhead is lower than on three or one-camera sitcoms and dramas. There's no actors or writers to pay (officially *cough-cough*), so this is a little surprising, but as The Hollywood Reporter notes, it had "2.4 million viewers and a 0.8 adults 18-49 rating before moving to its Sunday slot where it continued to falter (1.8 million, 0.5)."

Part of the reason it may have gained no traction is because of the Olympics, or perhaps because there was no great hook to the premise. It had three women of different ages and backgrounds brought together for the sole purpose of finding love. As CBS described it:

It’s about finding love; it’s about meeting amazing people who could be a good fit in real life; it’s about having a good time and making a connection.  It’s not about fancy dates and roses.  It is not about “TV.”  It’s about a journey - and sometimes the journey to find love can be as fun as whether or not you find it.

Perhaps it should have been about fancy dates and roses, perhaps it should have been about TV.