One could try to figure out the many reasons as to why a movie like 'A Thousand Words' didn't work for audiences nationwide this past weekend. Normally there's a few factors that go into it, whether it'd be the acting, direction or script. For 'A Thousand Words' it was all of the above as the Eddie Murphy picture not only did poorly on it's opening weekend but was critically panned. And now it may go down in history as the worst reviewed movie of all time.
On Rotten Tomatoes, forty critics have chimed in and have kept the overall rating down to zero. You could blame Eddie Murphy's lackluster career within the past decade due to the unimpressive roles he's taken. They're too safe, too family-friendly and many Eddie Murphy fans long for the day when he'll sign onto an R-rated comedy where we'll see him stretch out his foul mouthed comedic acting chops once again.

There aren't too many movies that manage to get a zero percent rating on popular movie reviewing sites, but The Guardian pointed out that it was not only the film that was poor but the timing. 'A Thousand Words' was originally scheduled for release back in 2009 and since then has been shelved only to get a January 2012 release date that fell through the cracks due to Eddie Murphy's sudden decision to not host the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

It also doesn't help that the actor has been part of one horrible comedy after the next, further dimming his star that was once so bright during the eighties.

Right now Murphy is only signed on to voice the lead role in the animated 'Hong Kong Phooey' movie.