About That Time Mark Ruffalo Hulked Out on a Child


"Are you—are you the Hulk?"

Prepare yourself for, quite possibly, the most adorable and charming story about mistaken superhero identity ever. Sure, Mark Ruffalo plays the Hulk as part of ‘The Avengers,’ but we all know that he’s not actually the Hulk... right? Well, if you happen to be a pre-schooler, that line might be a little (understandably) blurred. This is a bit of an issue when non-Hulk Ruffalo participates in normal activities—including being the parent of a pre-schooler.

On last night’s ‘The Tonight Show,’ host Jimmy Fallon wondered if any kiddies ever mistake Ruffalo for the real Hulk and, as it turns out, they do. But the outcome of those incidents have proven to be, well, a little volatile in the past. Hulk smash!

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