Red-band and Eli Roth go together like earthquakes and rubble, so it's fitting that the Roth-produced 'Aftershock' has finally been given a bloody red-band trailer of its own. Can you survive the chaos? Find out after the break!

'Aftershock' was written and produced by Roth, and it also stars him, so it's about as close to a new directorial effort from the gorehound as we've received since his last film behind the camera, 2007's 'Hostel 2'. (Yes, it has been six years!) Directed by Nicolas Lopez, 'Aftershock' details the grisly aftermath of an earthquake in Chile, which interrupts the good times for Roth and his Spanish companions. Of course, the worst comes out in the people around them, and they have to fight like hell to survive the night.

You should be warned, however, that like all red-band trailers, the one for 'Aftershock' spoils a few key moments in the film, so watch only if you don't mind a couple of spoilers. Also watch if you enjoy seeing society crumble in the face of a disaster - and who doesn't?!

'Aftershock' crashes into theaters on May 10th.