It's pretty typical for superhero costumes to undergo some pretty radical changes between films, so it wasn't surprising when we got our first look at a completely new look for Peter Parker's heroic alter ego in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2.' However, that won't be the only Spider-Man costume in the movie.

The obsessives out there can rest easy: the costume seen in the first film will also be present here. Superhero Hype has called this to our attention, posting a picture of stuntman William Spencer posing on the 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' set in the old costume, which is different enough from the new one to be immediately obvious.

Of course, that begs a big question: what would force Spider-Man to change his costume? If he starts the film in the tights from the last film and ends them in the new design, something in the interim must have forced him to make that decision. Perhaps an encounter with Jamie Foxx's Electro will leave his old outfit smoldering? Maybe Peter will temporarily give up the hero game and ditch his costume (shades of 'Spider-Man 2') and will have to make himself a new one for the climax.

In any case, it's something that Spidey fans can talk about and obsess over until something more concrete emerges from the production. 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' opens on May 2, 2014 and features the return of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as well as newcomers like Foxx, Paul Giamatti and Dane DeHaan.