'American Horror Story: Asylum': Concept Art Reveals Alien Design!


'American Horror Story: Asylum' may have come and gone following season finale "Madness Ends," but that hasn't stopped fans of the FX horror series from obsessing on one lingering point: just what was up with the mysterious aliens permeating the season? Not only did the science-fiction creatures remain unexplained, seeming oddly out of place with a season that chronicled religion, madness and mutilation, but the beings were never fully glimpsed on screen. However, new concept art reveals the full extent of the seemingly benevolent creatures' design, so get a look at the 'American Horror Story: Asylum' extraterrestrials inside!

Attention may have shifted to 'American Horror Story' season 3, now that 'Asylum' has officially closed its doors, but plenty of fans were left with unfulfilled questions after the recent season finale "Madness Ends." Much of the lingering confusion stems from the mysterious alien creatures, who weaved in and out of the season and helped provide Kit Walker (Evan Peters) with two benevolent children, before finally snatching him up toward the end of his life.

The creatures were never fully glimpsed on screen but new concept art from Jerad S. Marantz reveals the full scope of the creatures, who seem part 'Cloverfield,' and part little green men. Regardless of how much of Marantz' designs ended up on screen, we're reasonably certain the censors didn't want the camera to linger on shots of the alien's mouths for too long.

Check out the full design for 'American Horror Story: Asylum's aliens below, and tell us in the comments what you want to see from the upcoming third season!

Jerad S. Marantz
Jerad S. Marantz
Jerad S. Marantz
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