What with it being Labor Day and all, we weren't expecting 'American Horror Story: Asylum' to keep up with its now-daily tradition of releasing a completely absurd teaser, and so they haven't.  But some things you don't know you'll miss until they're gone, so what are we to do without any fresh looks?  Why, obsess over the new photos, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, of course!  Bloody disgusting-ness awaits within!

The latest photos from Entertainment Weekly's Friday issue covering season 2 of Ryan Murphy's FX horror serial 'American Horror Story: Asylum' and things already look terrifyingly gruesome.  Not only do the candid shots show the cast reclining on set, but we get a visceral look into one new character previously unseen, from whom one look might make you lose your lunch!  Or dinner, depending on when you read.

One of the below shots shows plain as day the ominous menace of "Bloody Face," a character we know to tangle with Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan's "lovers" Leo and Teresa, and a serial killer who wears sewn together skin of his victims over his head.  The photo doesn't quite match the dress description we've heard, but it is behind the scenes after all.  Another shot shows one character being made into a "Rasper," one of the asylum's experiments who dwell in the surrounding forest.

Check out all the various photos below (courtesy of SpoilerTV), and tell us if you think 'American Horror Story: Asylum' will be even grosser than its predecessor in the comments below!