How did we guess?  In addition to yet another spooky teaser gracing the 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Facebook page, FX has graced us with yet another eerie look into the Ryan Murphy horror thriller's second year, this time in the form of a full-length poster oozing with new details.  But with everything going on in the background of the one-sheet, let alone the series itself, will we be able to catch all the spooky surprises?

FX has released the official series poster for 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' the all-new season of their original horror hit set in 1960's Briarcliff insane asylum.  We'll be bouncing off the walls when the new season premieres on FX Wednesday, October 17th, but for now at least a few of the inmates seem to have beaten us to the punch.  So what can we learn from the new poster?

Most noticeable off the bat is Chloe Sevigny's nymphomaniac inmate Shelley (because mmm, dat Chloe), but especially curious is her positioning on the poster suggesting her as an almost satanic reflection of Jessica Lange's Sister Jude.  From what we can tell, Joseph Fiennes' Monsignor Timothy O'Hara seems none too pleased with her either.  And what does that blue shirt, seen in the second teaser promo have to do with it?

To their left we see James Cromwell's Dr. Arden and returning star Lily Rabe's Sister Eunice, along with the bucket of body parts fed to Arden's "Raspers" out in the woods.  Judging by the placement of Arden's hand, might something be going on between them as well?

Numerous other figures throughout the poster can't quite be identified, but we can see for sure Adam Levine's "Leo" documenting everything with his camera, Evan Peters' Kit haunted by his missing wife Alma (Britne Oldford), and finally Sarah Paulson's lesbian journalist Lana with her lover (Clea DuVall), ominously presided over by Zachary Quinto's Dr. Thredson.  And who might that be lurking in silhouette in the background, and how bloody might his face be?

Check out the poster below, and tell us what secrets you uncover in the comments!