Well, seeing as the day ends in a "Y," we probably could have told you that there would be a new 'American Horror Story: Asylum' promo to scare us all out of our post Labor Day bliss.  Still, what about the latest spot reinvigorates our interest in deciphering all the crazy spots?  How about the fact that they seem to be starting to overlap!  Is there a deeper message to all the 'American Horror Story' chicanery?

Fresh from its brief holiday break, 'American Horror Story: Asylum' has released the latest of its ever-cryptic promos, the newest "Save Us" seemingly combining elements of its previous spots.  We see both the white and black-clad nuns visible throughout the other teasers, each carrying a bucket we now know to contain body parts fed to the "Raspers" and sitting in symmetry across the room seen in the second teaser.

We then see a screaming patient on her back, wrists bound by the same bandages we saw on the girl in red in the forest, before being dragged off.  We also hear an ominous breathing on the audio track, but who could it be?  is there a greater message behind the teasers, or is Ryan Murphy simply trolling us with the second season of his horror anthology?

You can check out the latest photos from 'American Horror Story: Asylum' here, and tell us what you think the new promo means in the comments!