Fans of 'American Horror Story' have admittedly found themselves surprised before that series star Zachary Quinto has taken such an integral role throughout the first two seasons, given the actor's ever-expanding film career, a prospect hitting the stratosphere once again this summer with 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' So while Ryan Murphy continues to announce 'American Horror Story' alum cast in season 3, will Quinto once again return to TV for another go? Find out what the 'Star Trek' star has to say about his involvement in 'AHS' season 3 inside!

Earlier this week we were disappointed to learn that 'American Horror Story' and 'American Horror Story: Asylum' star Dylan McDermott might not return for the mysterious third season, having accepted a role in CBS pilot 'Hostages.' Now, it seems fellow 'AHS' player and 'Star Trek' star Zachary Quinto may have opted out of the third 'American Horror Story' season as well, telling HuffPostTV that series creator Ryan Murphy had yet to contact him about a role:

I haven't had any conversations about coming back, so at this point I don't think I will be part of the third season as no one has mentioned it to me and I know that they have been making other announcements for the cast. Which is fine, when I signed on for the second season, Ryan [Murphy] and I talked about it being a one year commitment and I think just where I am in my work and what I want to accomplish I think it is good to have a little flexibility and a little bit of freedom.

So, at this point I don't really have any plans to go back, but from what I've heard and what I know is maybe going to happen a little bit, I am really excited to see the characters that Lily [Rabe], Sarah [Paulson], Jessica [Lange] and Evan [Peters] all play. I know Frances Conroy is coming back, which I think is amazing and I think it is going to be a different world all together and knowing Ryan as I do I think that it's only going to be more exciting and more surprising than anything we have seen so far. I look forward to watching it.

Even if Quinto doesn't end up participating in the show's third year (admittedly, McDermott's own casting in 'Asylum' wasn't announced until the day of its premiere), 'American Horror Story' season 3 has already recruited series regulars Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Taissa Farmiga, Frances Conroy, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, with the potential for others going forward.

Murphy has revealed only select details of the FX drama’s third season, including that season 3 would have a love story focus akin to the one between Violet and Tate in season 1. The season will be set in modern day across several cities, occasionally dipping back into the past as the narrative requires. Murphy also previewed that Peters’ role will likely prove that of a “sobbing psychopath” once again, while Jessica Lange would be a “glamour cat leading lady” of sorts.

Well, what say you? Will 'American Horror Story' season 3 feel different without a part for Zachary Quinto? Who from the previous seasons would you like to see return?