We’re supposedly just a few days away from the debut of the trailer for ‘Ant-Man,’ Marvel’s latest, greatest, and smallest superhero. Current Internet rumors (which are always extremely reliable) claim the first ‘Ant-Man’ teaser will debut just after New Year’s, possibly during the series premiere of Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter,’ but Christmas came early for Ant-Man fans with this sneak peak at the film’s villain. (Okay, yes, technically Christmas came late for Ant-Man fans since Christmas happened four days ago, but you know what I mean.)

This banner, via Comic Book Movie, gives us our first glimpse of Yellowjacket, ‘Ant-Man’’s Big Bad (who is technically its Little Bad, thanks to shrinking technology). Beneath the mask and arms, he’s played by Corey Stoll:


It’s certainly not a complete look at the Yellowjacket costume, but at first glance, it seems that Marvel kept the old school Yellowjacket color scheme but heavily redesigned his gear and technology. For comparison sake, here’s a nice full-body shot of the original comic-book Yellowjacket (who was actually Hank Pym, during one of his many changes from his original Ant-Man identity):


I always loved the original Yellowjacket costume—it’s one of my absolute favorites from that late-Silver Age Marvel period—but I guess the whole giant-black-shoulder-wings-look wouldn’t fly in 2015 (sorry). The extra arms thing is a new twist, and I guess bees do have a bunch more arms than humans do. But it does feel like the movie version of Doctor Pym’s ripping off Doctor Octopus a wee bit.

‘Ant-Man’ shrinks into theaters on July 17, 2015.