Archer’ season 4 assigns its second episode of the year “The Wind Cries Mary,” as Sterling Archer sets out to clear the name of former ISIS agent and best friend Lucas Troy ('Justified's Timothy Olyphant), while Cyril and Lana pursue and Pam forces the staff to undergo peer reviews.

Last week’s ‘Archer’ premiere “Fugue and Riffs” saw Archer awakening in a strange location with no memory of his identity as an ISIS agent, forcing the team to come to his rescue at a spa hunted by KGB agents, so how does “The Wind Cries Mary” feel going down?  Is ‘Archer’ season 4 pouring its most classic season yet?

Read on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Archer’ season 4 episode 2, “The Wind Cries Mary!”

As Malory gathers the ISIS staff in her office to read the morning bullet points, covering everything from Krieger’s failed attempt to eliminate the break room’s ant problem by giving himself ant powers, to Pam’s upcoming peer reviews, she announces the final item on the list as Lucas Troy. Trained at ISIS before defecting to ODIN, and Archer the only one who remains loyal to his former friend, Malory blithely announces that he’s died.

It seems Lucas sabotaged his own undercover operation, absconding with Uranium and millions of dollars before accidentally dying in a plane crash, though Archer refuses to believe his friend could have turned traitor. Archer turns to Ray for help, who shoots down everyone else’s suspicions that Lucas was gay, but Archer finds himself distracted by a call about his wayward pet lemur.

As Pam attempts to get armory supervisor Rodney to participate in his peer review, Lana enters looking to requisition a gun, only to find that Archer had already checked out a number of supplies and ammunition for an excursion. Cue Archer on the phone with a still-living Lucas, and racing to Vermont to help clear his friend’s name.

Lana and Cyril follow, with Cyril attempting to conduct the peer reviews, while Archer arrives to find Lucas seemingly only interested in showing Archer his Vermont bed and breakfast fixer-upper. As Cyril and Lana catch up, heading toward the house on foot, Archer grows increasingly concerned that Lucas has no apparent interest in clearing his name of the apparent charges.

Lana and Cyril trip a perimeter alarm, alerting Lucas to their presence as the rogue agent gears up to intercept. Lucas admits that he faked his death and bought the house to build a life for he and Archer, the only man he’s attracted to. Taken aback by the revelation that Lucas really did kill his fellow agents to be close to him, Archer gets woozy, largely due to the drugs Lucas slipped into his wine glass.

As the team back home realizes what’s going on in Vermont, Cyril and Lana continue bickering about their peer reviews while Lucas eyes them through his rifle. Archer wakes up from his daze while Lucas engages in a firefight with Cyril and Lana, Cyril having foolishly removed his orange jumper to avoid standing out. Out of ammo, Cyril and Lana flee into the woods.

Meanwhile, Archer finds Cyril’s discarded clothes and muses about potential ‘Predator’ hunts, while Cyril and Lana formulate a plan. Minutes later, Lucas approaches the curious sight of a naked Cyril waiting in the snow, when Lana appears to spring her trap, dropping an enormous tree on Lucas. Archer finally catches up, and comforts Lucas in his final moments, until Lucas reveals in his deathbed confession that he once experimented on a passed-out Archer with suntan oil and some Al Green.

On the silent car ride home, all three are visibly disturbed by the revelation, while Archer blithely asks to turn on the radio.

Following last week's somewhat gimmick-y premiere, 'Archer's fourth season hits another home run with its casting Timothy Olyphant as Sterling's (perhaps only) friend, who ultimately falls in love with him. The team itself isn't given much to do, but the recurring gag of the peer reviews make for some classic exchanges between Cyril and Lana, even if Archer and Lucas' interactions are brief at best. We hope we haven't seen the last of Lucas Troy, given the series propensity for returning characters as cyborgs, as future team-ups with the pair might be more entertaining with Lucas' revelations out of the way.

What say you? Did you get your fill of spy-spoofing ‘Archer’ action?  What was your favorite gag from "The Wind Cries Mary?" Join us next week for another all-new ‘Archer’ episode recap of “Legs” on FX!