Just a few weeks ago, Bruce Campbell told a crowd at the Nashville Comic-Con that "yes," he would be returning for 'Army of Darkness 2.' One week later, 'Evil Dead' remake director Fede Alvarez said on Twitter that Sam Raimi would be directing 'Army of Darkness 2.' But now, when cornered at Comikaze in Los Angeles, Campbell admits there's "no reality" to an 'Army of Darkness' sequel and calls any talk otherwise just "internet bulls---."

Campbell spoke to The Pop Fix (via Shock Till You Drop) at Comikaze and said there was no truth "What. So. EVER." (emphasis, his) to the 'Army of Darkness 2' news, urging fans to "get the real information." Yet...wasn't it Campbell himself who answered, "the answer is yes" when asked by a fan if 'Army of Darkness 2' was happening? And, wasn't it 'Evil Dead' director Alvarez (who was walking with Campbell on the Comikaze red carpet) who tweeted "Sam Raimi will (direct 'Army of Darkness 2')!"? If that's not "real information," what is?

Yes, we're the ones running these stories, but we're basing our information on direct quotes from those involved in the 'Evil Dead' franchise. If there is no reality to an 'Army of Darkness 2,' then why isn't that the uniform message from the creative team? Campbell and Co. seemingly want to tease their dedicated fanbase with hyper-optimistic bits of information while simultaneously preaching a harsh reality.

It's okay if an 'Army of Darkness 2' never happens. And, we can certainly sympathize with Campbell's seemingly growing annoyance at having to answer the same question over and over again. So, if this really is just "internet bulls---" they should come out and admit it's NEVER going to happen and let us (and them) move on.