Like everyone else, we're all super-excited about the return of 'Arrested Development' on Netflix this weekend. We just can't wait to see those lovable Bluths again, as well as their ragtag gang of assorted friends, classmates, lovers and lawyers.

But is one extra season really enough? Don't those wacky supporting characters deserve their own turns in the spotlight? Here are our proposals for some spinoffs that might excite devoted 'Arrested Development' fans even more. Get on it, Netflix!

  • 1

    'The Veal Family Praise Hour'

    Veal Family
  • 2

    'Zuckerkorn Austero Variety Hour'

    Zuckerkorn Austero
  • 3

    'Super Nanny' Starring Mrs. Featherbottom

    Super Nanny
  • 4

    'Baby, You Got a Stew Goin'!' With Carl Weathers

    Stew Goin
  • 5

    'Steve Holt!' Starring Steve Holt

    Steve Holt
  • 6

    'The Seal Whisperer' Starring G.O.B.'s Wife

    Seal Whisperer
  • 7

    'The Saddam Life' Starring the Saddam Hussein Lookalikes

  • 8

    'Blind Justice' With Bob Loblaw, Maggie Lizer and Justice the Dog

    Blind Justice