Tonight's all-new 'Arrow' installment "Salvation" will see Colton Haynes' Roy Harper at his most involved yet, as the character becomes an unwitting hostage of new Starling City villain "The Savior," and has his first encounter with Oliver Queen's vigilante figure "The Hood." DC comics fans well know that Harper will one day strike up a bow alongside Green Arrow under a number of DC names, but will tonight's "Salvation" get the arrow rolling? Hear what Colton Haynes says of Roy Harper's future inside!

The CW's 'Arrow' will reach an important milestone in tonight's all-new episode "Salvation," as Oliver (Stephen Amell) crosses paths with Thea's new friend Roy Harper (newly-promoted season 2 regular Colton Haynes) in an effort to save him from a villain terrorizing Starling City's "The Glades." Several outlets had a chance to speak to Haynes, who corroborated 'Arrow' producers' words that the journey to "Speedy" would be anything but, though DC fans should certainly pay attention to tonight's episode. Via TVGuide:

The thing I really love about how [executive producers] Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti do things is that they definitely take their time with everything. I'm over here going, "What am I going to be? Will I get my arm blown off? Will I put the red suit on? Should I be trying to get into shape?" They're really easing their way into it.

Greg said something like, "It took five years for Oliver on the island to really find what he was," so now they're going to take their time with Roy. The first interaction is with the Hood. It's definitely going to be an interaction that will set things up and make the fans of the comic books want more. The next episodes are really going to be great for fans who want Oliver and Roy to start their partnership, in a way.

Haynes also told The Hollywood Reporter that the episode would see Oliver's own "Speedy" sister Thea (Willa Holland) seeking out the Hood to rescue Harper, which in turn strikes Harper's interest in tracking down the vigilante himself and contributing to his crusade. Indeed, much of the action in the coming episodes will center on "The Glades," particularly the ominous "Undertaking" that Oliver works so hard to prevent from the likes of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and his own mother Moira.

Time will tell how long it takes for Roy Harper to officially suit up as 'Arrow's partner, but fans of the series and its DC leanings definitely won't want to miss tonight's "Salvation." Check out a video preview below, and tell us what you what to see from future 'Arrow' episodes in the comments!