'Arrow' Season 2: New Comic Explains Deadshot's Survival

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For as much as we enjoyed the first season of The CW's 'Arrow,' and look forward to the wealth of DC characters to be introduced in season 2 (and potentially this summer at Comic-Con), one lingering mystery bugged us: How did Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton (Michael Rowe) survive his initial encounter with Oliver Queen, and what role will he have to play in season 2?

Deadshot's initial appearance in 'Arrow''s third installment "Lone Gunmen" seemed far too early to kill the famed DC character off entirely, something we were proven right to suspect when Deadshot returned much later in the season for "Dead to Rights." Diggle (David Ramsey)'s vendetta against the assassin ultimately had to be put on hold for season 2, but many fans were still left to wonder how the character escaped his initial encounter with Oliver, left seemingly dead with an arrow through his eye socket.

Thankfully, the ongoing 'Arrow' tie-in comic book from producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg saw fit to clear up the lingering mystery about the character, all the while setting up new potential threads to explore in season 2. It seems Oliver indeed left Deadshot for, well...dead, but the character soon revived, and wound up treated / experimented on a mysterious figure looking to unlock the secrets of his uncanny aim.

The five-page comic doesn't reveal the identity of the doctor, DC or otherwise, but it would seem the character didn't inflict any permanent damage before Deadshot's eventual return. Might the good doctor make a more formal return in 'Arrow' season 2, considering some of the shady organizations teased across the first season? Will Oliver's gifts become a target themselves?

We've included the comic pages below, but in the meantime what say you? Is 'Arrow' setting up a bigger mystery for the second season this fall? What do you think we'll learn from the upcoming Comic-Con panel? Read the pages below, and give us your 'Arrow' season 2 wishlist in the comments!

The CW / DC Comics
The CW / DC Comics
The CW / DC Comics
The CW / DC Comics
The CW / DC Comics
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