We're certainly primed for tonight's all-new 'Arrow' episode "The Undertaking," which will take fans of the breakout CW drama further into the past than ever before to see Oliver Queen's pre-island life, as well as explain the seismic event in play for the season finale. Before we reach the first season's end however, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg has some major teases for season 2, and a brand new clip of tonight's 'Arrow!'

Tonight's 'Arrow' episode "The Undertaking" will reach further back than Oliver's Island days, explaining the season-long mystery as it reveals even more questions about the fateful yacht accident that started the series. And while 'Arrow' has always balanced Oliver's current adventures with origin stories of the island, executive producer Andrew Kriesberg recently revealed to IGN that the show's second season could reach even further in the scope of flashbacks.

The first step for us was to do the "all island" episode that we did in episode 14, "The Odyssey." When we pulled that off and saw that it was so successful, both creatively and with the fans, we knew it gave us license to do more flashbacks. Season 1 was really about teaching the audience how to watch the show, so that they can follow those kinds of things.

We'll always be having the continuous adventures of Oliver and Slade on the island, but we also feel now like we have the license to flash back from other characters. And we have a couple really exciting flashback stories planned for next season.

The past is the past, but what of 'Arrow's future adventures, and the introduction of famed DC organization A.R.G.U.S. (think Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D.)? Could A.R.G.U.S. lead to the introduction of such famed figures as Amanda Waller of the Suicide Squad? "The Suicide Squad is definitely something we've discussed with DC Comics," says Kreisberg. "There's no definitive plans right now to introduce Amanda Waller, but certainly we carefully chose A.R.G.U.S. and did not make Lyla Michaels work for the FBI or CIA."

Kreisberg certainly had plenty to say about the scope for the final two episodes of the season "Darkness On the Edge of Town" and "Sacrifice," telling The Hollywood Reporter:

We kept saying that episode 22 on any other show would be a legitimate season finale and then on top of that we got episode 23 which is just bonkers. We really pulled out all the stops knowing how big these episodes were going to be and everything we wanted to do.

We actually saved up some money along the season that we could have a couple of extra shooting days and spend extra money on visual effects because it's going to be epic. For us, episode 22 is the finale and episode 23 is almost like Arrow: The Movie.

We’re pumped for the final three episodes of the season, beginning with tonight’s “The Undertaking,” so check out the latest clip from the past-centric episode and give us your thoughts on ‘Arrow’s season finale endgame in the comments!