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Donald Deane has held a variety of jobs, including college English teacher, newspaper reporter/editor, internet project manager, dishwasher and dogcatcher. He now writes exclusively and has contributed to AOL TV and Moviefone among others.

10 Would-Be Movie Franchises That Failed to Take Off

by Donald Deane July 16, 2013 @ 3:45 PM
Movie studios love successful franchises because they ensure a steady stream of box office bank. But for every hot property like Batman, Iron Man, or 'Star Trek,' there are many that never take off. Consider Disney's 'The Lone Ranger,' for example. Tepid reviews and weak earnings mean it will likely never spawn sequels. Instead, it seems destined to go down in history as a poorly-received $225 million one-off flick.

10 Potentially Amazing Movies That Never Happened (But Almost Did)

by Donald Deane July 9, 2013 @ 10:00 AM
Weta Workshop / Taschen / Arthur Schatz
Movie history is littered with films that failed to get off the ground, from historical epics to sci-fi thrillers to even a version of 'Lord of the Rings' that would've starred the Fab Four.
Some of these films went no further than the conceptual stage, others lost funding and some were derailed by tragedy. Still, they all deserved to see the light of day. Check out 10 potentially amazing movies that never happened.