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Watching 'Titanic' For the First Time...15 Years Later

by Katie Calautti April 5, 2012 @ 10:28 AM
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I was 16 when ‘Titanic’ released in 1997 (no need to do the math, people) and utterly enthralled by the film's spectacle and endeared to its characters (I saw it four times in the span of a few weeks). Second only to ‘Jurassic Park,’ I hadn't witnessed anything as awe-inspiring in a movie theater at that point in my life.
As someone generally disenchanted with 3D, ‘Titanic's' re-release ushered little excitement regarding its upgraded format. But seeing it again on the big screen? It's hard to pass up that kind of trip down memory lane.
I knew I'd want to catch it the evening it came out, but - to intensify the nostalgia - why not view director James Cameron’s iconic film with someone who had never seen it? Thing is: thanks to 15 years of pop culture saturation and televised play, that's a near impossible feat.
And then I realized: I need not look very far.