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Danielle Panabaker Interview: Piranhas, Screaming and Why She Hasn't Gone Nude

by Jennings Roth Cornet May 30, 2012 @ 8:04 AM
Danielle Panabaker is no stranger to horror. The actress has become something of a modern-day scream queen with roles in ‘The Crazies,’ ‘Mr. Brooks,’ and the remake of ‘Friday the 13th.’ This weekend Panabaker will continue this tradition in the bombastic, fish-balls-to-the-wall comedy horror ‘Piranha 3DD’.
The actress plays Maddy, a marine biology student who is racing against time to stop her stepfather Chet (David Koechner) from opening their water park before she can ensure that it is not infested with prehistoric water beasts. Oh yeah, and there's also a female extras with extra perky cleavage, hence the title.
We had the opportunity to sit down with Panabaker recently to talk about the many flavors of screams, the baby piranha (puppet) that she calls pet, and what she hopes to achieve in this next stage of her career.

David Koechner Interview: 'Piranha 3DD' and Returning For 'Anchorman 2'

by Jennings Roth Cornet May 29, 2012 @ 8:26 AM
David Koechner has made a name for himself as film and television’s unremitting comedic SOB with appearances as Todd Packer on ‘The Office,’ nightmare boss Dennis in ‘Final Destination 5’ and Champ Kind in ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’ and the upcoming ‘Anchorman 2.’
Adding to his master of hilarious jerkdom repertoire, Koechner dips into the killer fish infested waters of ‘Piranha 3DD’ this weekend as Chet, a man who is cutting all available safety corners in order to open his “adult-themed” Big Wet Water Park on time and well under budget.
We had the opportunity to sit down with the funny man recently (who in reality is just about as lovely and good-natured as you can imagine) about working in the murky realms of horror, reprising his role in ‘Anchorman 2,’ and taking a surprising turn as a lovable family man – on screen.

Brian Posehn Interview: The ‘Five-Year Engagement’ Star Talks Nerd Rage and Pickles

by Jennings Roth Cornet April 26, 2012 @ 9:10 AM
Universal Pictures
Lovable comedian Brian Posehn (televisions ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’ and ‘Just Shoot Me’) takes a turn as Tarquin a well-intentioned but wholly inappropriate pickle expert in ‘The Five-Year Engagement,’ the latest comedy from Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller.
We had the opportunity to speak with the Posehn, one of our favorite comedians, in Los Angeles recently and discussed pickle and puppet training, what it takes to create a successful rom-com and the invention of nerd rage.

Scott Hicks Interview: ‘The Lucky One’ Director Talks Zac Efron and Romance

by Jennings Roth Cornet April 24, 2012 @ 7:49 AM
Warner Bros.

‘The Lucky One’
marks the latest adaptation of a tale from the mind of famed romantic drama novelist Nicholas Sparks. The first of which was the Kevin Costner/Robin Wright story of tragic loss ‘Message in a Bottle’ and the most popular of which is the Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams tearjerker ‘The Notebook.’
We recently had the opportunity to speak with director Scott Hicks, who takes the helm on this latest endeavor, about working with stars Zac Efron (‘High School Musical’) and Taylor Schilling (televisions ‘Mercy’) in this next phase of their respective careers, the appeal of the Sparks flavor of romance and creating an authentic love story.