There's been talks about James Cameron and his crew making another 'Avatar' movie even before the ground breaking first film was first released back in 2009. Ever since then they've been flapping their gums, keeping the spark of hope alive in the fans who are still interested in seeing a sequel. But when will it ever happen?

Not any time soon.

During an interview with Empire, 'Titanic' producer Jon Landau was asked the inevitable question about 'Avatar 2' and gave a response that may suggest that this sequel could never see the light of day. "We're not naming dates, but I think 2014 will be a tough date for us to make. It's about getting it right," says Landau as he quickly covers his up that question with several reasons as to why it's been taking awhile for the production to start up.

It took many years for James Cameron and his crew to put together 'Avatar,' maybe what he should've done during the movie's release was just keep mum on the topic of a sequel. It would've had people guessing about them making one and, at the same time, they would've pushed the spotlight away from them that way they could've gone ahead and put together the project on their own time without being asked fifty billion questions about the movie every time they step out in public.

It has to be rather stressful to get 'Avatar 2' off the ground, and it doesn't sound like they've got all the equipment ready for it. Perhaps the earliest we'll be seeing 'Avatar 2' is closer to 2020, and if that's the amount of time they need to get it perfect a second time around visually then so be it.