No, your calendar is not lying to you: Avengers 2 is less than two months away. A new trailer arrived yesterday. Tickets are already on sale. It’s happening! To drive the point home, a few new featurettes on the making of the film have arrived online, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of one of the most anticipated sequels of all time.

While none of them are particularly in-depth, each of the three featurettes approach the production from a different angle, offering a unique look at the creation of a superhero epic. The first of them focuses on Jeremy Renner, AKA, Hawkeye, who is seen filming his scenes for a Korea-set action scene. Spoiler alert: he flies a plane at some point.

The second video is a bit more broad, speaking with writer/director Joss Whedon and other key members of the crew about what audience can expect from the film. Spoiler alert: Joss Whedon can’t wait to upset you by causing tremendous harm to the characters you love.

The third video is a quick profile on prop master Barry Gibbs, who shows us his workshop and the many different variations on the Avengers’ arsenal. Spoiler alert: Uh, Hawkeye has a new bow?

Although nothing here is especially illuminating, just seeing the scale of a production like this is always impressive stuff. It’s almost hard to believe that shots of Jeremy Renner in one third of a jet in front of a green screen will soon be seamless integrated into a massive action sequence. Movie fans who admire hard work done well will never get tired of this stuff.

Avengers 2 opens on May 1.