Every major film goes through an extensive development process where it is continuously rewritten and rebuilt until it everyone feels it is ready to go before the cameras. This means that many of your favorite movies were, at one point, completely different than the finished product. This definitely applies to 'The Avengers,' but we're only just now starting to understand the extreme evolution Joss Whedon's film took on its way to the big screen.

New animatics from early in the film's development have popped up online and they give us a look at a completely different version of the film, including glimpses of the Wasp, a character who was completely cut from the movie.

Drawn by artist Federico D'Alessandro (and sent our way via Blastr), these animations show off familiar moments with completely different executions and a handful of action scenes that were either completely reworked or removed from the film entirely. The video above shows off an earlier version of the Battle of New York, where the Avengers take on Loki's alien army. But, note that there's a seventh Avenger on the ground! Yep, that's the Wasp, a founding member of the team in the original comics (your best look comes at around the 17-second mark).

The other videos show off ambitious sequences that make us wonder how they'd fit into the finished film. There's an alternate introduction to Iron Man, which features Tony Stark battling bad guys and protecting innocents in the middle of the jungle, a crazy action scene where Iron Man pursues Loki and a mind-controlled Hawkeye through an underground tunnel and a very different confrontation between Loki and Tony before the final battle.

'The Avengers' is terrific as it is, but these videos give us a look at a very different movie. We're not sure how much of this was cut for creative reasons and how much was cut to keep the whole thing on budget, but for movie fans who like to see how the sausage is made, these make for an absolutely fascinating watch.