The handheld debut of the Batman: Arkham series, called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, is only about two months away. To while away the hours, check out this new trailer that features a bit of story elements and gameplay.

We can only imagine the type of stress Bruce Wayne goes through. Not only does he have to be a billionaire playboy during the day, but he has to endure nights like this as Batman.

Blackgate will continue the storyline from Batman: Arkham Origins and let players explore Blackgate Prison, which has just been taken over by gangs and several members from his rogues gallery. This PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS game will feature 2.5D graphics and the same kind of gameplay players have gotten used to, such as the free-flow combat, stealth mechanics and the use of Batman's many gadgets.

Players can expect to get their hands on Blackgate when both it and Arkham Origins are released on Oct. 25. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think of Blackgate and whether or not you believe it will live up to the name of its console brethren.