New Regency has just landed Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake for their online Gambling thriller 'Runner Runner,' which will be directed by Brad Furman. If you don't know Furman's name, he helmed 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' which turned out way better than anyone could have anticipated. That makes this worth paying attention to.

The Hollywood Reporter also mentions that the screenplay is by Brian Koppelman and David Levien, who wrote 'Rounders.' If you haven't seen that film, it's well worth checking out, and one of the best poker movies ever made (and probably the most accurate ever filmed). Brad Furman mostly directed shorts before 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' so he's still something of an unknown quantity.

Ben Affleck's comeback is so cemented now that it's just fair to say that he's just working a lot. That said, his work as a director has been so excellent that every role he takes seems like a distraction. Justin Timberlake is virtually retired from music now, and though 'Friends With Benefits' and 'In Time' didn't hit strongly, the man is respected in the industry, and a hard worker (also: a terrible interview). Though he nailed 'The Social Network,' he's been looking for the right role to take him to the next level. Perhaps 'Runner Runner' is that film.