In their downtime between films, some directors keep themselves busy by making commercials. Nicolas Winding Refn directed those famous Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads, Wes Anderson made commercials for American Express and Stella Artois, and Darren Aronofsky, Sofia Coppola and several others have helmed ads for fashion designers. The latest director to take on the world of commercials for the small screen is Bennett Miller, who delivered last year’s acclaimed dark drama Foxcatcher.

Miller directed the ads above and below for Quilted Northern toilet paper, and like Foxcatcher, these ads are a bit…disturbing. But hilariously so. Each one features a different decorative item placed in the bathroom, and — as the commercials describe — while you might forget about your bathroom experience thanks to the comfort of Quilted Northern, Daddy Gator, Little Miss Puffytail, some wallpaper birds, Great Grandpa Thaddeus and many more will never forget the horrors they’ve had to endure as your bathroom companions.

The Little Miss Puffytail ad is particularly warped, featuring a porcelain bunny with a death wish, who dreams of the sweet mercy of being carelessly knocked over and destroyed. Bathrooms are grim, man.