It's that time of year for the 2012 ScreenCrush Awards, where we recap all the best moments of the year, which for us definitely includes ranking the best cosplay! If you've been to San Diego Comic-Con or New York Comic-Con this past year, no doubt you've seen first hand how intricately crafted some of the fan-made costumes can be. We've seen plenty of mind-blowing cosplay, but of which one were you the most awestruck? Vote in our ScreenCrush Awards after the break!

We want to acknowledge some of the fine work cosplayers have put into making their incredible costumes (or in some cases the amount of money they shelled out to purchase a costume replica). We know it sounds corny, but if you look at all the photos taken of cosplay at SDCC and NYCC, you'll realize everyone really is a winner. However, we want to know which one is your favorite.

Is it the chiseled 'Prometheus' Engineer or the female version of Bane? Check out the candidates for the 2012 ScreenCrush Best Cosplay Award below, and vote for your favorite in our poll at the bottom of the page.

Lady Bane Cosplay

Velma Cosplay

'Prometheus' Engineer Cosplay

Red Pyramid Cosplay

Daenerys Cosplay

Hawkeye Cosplay

5-Person Voltron Cosplay

Captain America Cosplay

Mr. T Cosplay

'Breaking Bad' Cosplay

Loki Cosplay

Batman Cosplay

Iron Man Cosplay

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