After only four episodes, NBC has yanked the new comedy 'Best Friends Forever' from its schedule. There has been no official explanation, only a cryptic message from the show's star/executive producer, Lennon Parhmam. What the heck happened?

TV Line has the scoop. Although the ratings weren't particularly good (3.9 million for the first episode and 2.65 million for the last), NBC has let shows with similarly poor performances at least have a fighting chance to find an audience. The typical question is "Why does a show like 'Best Friends Forever' get axed so brutally and quickly while the critically deplored 'Whitney' got a full season?" The typical answer is "Because it's NBC." In recent years, no network has become more synonymous with bizarre, harebrained programming decisions. This is especially sad since this is the same network that gave shows like 'Seinfeld' (which didn't become a ratings juggernaut until its fourth season) time to find an audience.

Here Parhmam's Twitter announcement: "BFF Fans: Wanted to let you know that our show is being taken off the air until the summer. Hoping to post ep 5 & 6 online asap…. Jessica St. Clair and I CANNOT thank you enough for the love and support of our little show. You guys are truly the best." Note the "until the summer," which is most likely code for "Yep, our show is done."

'Best Friends Forever' will be replaced by episodes of 'Betty White's Off Their Rockers,' which will surely deliver those huge numbers NBC desperately craves.