Hollywood has a rich history of doubling up on star power by making one famous person star alongside themselves in a movie about twins. You like Jean-Claude Van Damme? How about two Van Dammes in one movie! This effect has had mixed results, so we teamed up with our video game based sister site Arcade Sushi for a special episode of 5x5 to find the best (worst?) movie twins of all-time. You're welcome, nobody.

Sometimes it's just as easy as slapping a wig and some glasses on an actor and making him be the “dorky” twin to the real movie star. Other times they pull some serious CGI magic to take an actor’s face off and digitally replace it with the face of the other actor so even though it's two different actors it looks like the same actor and — whew. This all gets very confusing.

Join Matt Singer from ScreenCrush as he enters co-op mode with Luke Brown, Paul Ritchey, Josh Henderson, Nick Murphy and Mike Sadorf to examine some of these movies including favorites from Nicolas Cage and Van Damme. Nic Cage and Van Damme on the same list? You know you have to watch now.

5x5 is a show you can find on on the YouTube channel of our sister site, Arcade Sushi. 5x5 counts down some of the biggest, best, worst, and most improbable things to ever have happened in video games. And today we have a special episode made exclusively for the ScreenCrush channel.

For even more from Arcade Sushi and 5x5, check out some additional episodes below.

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