Have you racked up a bunch of Gold Trophies on your PlayStation Network account? Well, it's not all for naught, because Sony has opened up the Bid For Greatness auction, giving you the chance to win the awesome PlayStation memorabilia seen in the Greatness Awaits trailer.

The newly-launched Bid For Greatness website features a number of unique pieces of PlayStation memorabilia available for bids. The auction will let you use whatever Gold Trophies you've built up over your gaming career to bid on items such as the Witch Doctor's outfit from Diablo 3, Edward Kenway's costume from Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and a Clicker outfit from The Last of Us.

Each day from now until July 30, a different item will be put up for auction at 1PM Pacific (4PM Eastern). You can either use all of your Gold Trophies to bid on one awesome piece of memorabilia or split your bids up evenly among a bunch of smaller, yet equally awesome items.

The schedule for the item auctions are on the PlayStation Blog, so plan out your bids accordingly, depending on which items you want.

Let us know if you'll be spending your hard-earned Trophies in this auction and tell us which items you're looking on bagging!