Batman vs. Superman, vampires vs. zombies (yes, there's a report going around that a TV show based on that idea could hit down the road) and now the legendary Bigfoot will go up against a pack of werewolves in a film adaptation of the horror graphic novel 'Savage.'

According to The Wrap, we'll finally get to see these iconic creatures of myth go head-to-head on the screen, because doesn't this seem like the next logical step in the "vs."-type movies? Outlier and Pathbender have acquired the movie and TV rights to 'Savage' -- not to be confused with 'Savages,' the Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Taylor Kitsch and Blake Lively flick. This 'Savage' tells of a mysterious killer who is hunting down supernatural creatures when he stumbles into a battle between the famous Sasquatch and a pack of weres.

E. Thompson of Pathbender and Mark Morgan of Outlier have teamed up in the past to help produce 'The Wedding Planner,' the 'Percy Jackson' series and 'The Twilight Saga.' Though, considering the original graphic novel was created by Jeff Frank and illustrated by acclaimed 'X-Men' artist Mike Mayhew, we're guessing these werewolves won't be chiseled Taylor Lautner-type beasties.

James Cotten is directing the 'Savage' movie, with John Adams producing along with Thompson and executive producer Morgan.