Superhero movies like ‘The Avengers’ aren’t the only genres permitted to mash characters together for the benefit of a heart-pumping action story. Spy thrillers apparently are able to venture down that path, as well. And so if audiences embrace Jeremy Renner as the lead agent in this summer’s ‘The Bourne Legacy,’ the creative team already has gone on record to say they'd like to see him team with a special guest star in the follow-up: Matt Damon.

First, some back story. ‘Legacy’ takes place in the ‘Bourne’ universe. It doesn’t reboot ‘Bourne’ or pretend Damon’s character doesn’t exist. It looks at the story from a different perspective, through the eyes of a second spy. And as you saw in the most recent trailer, it directly references the action from ‘The Bourne Ultimatum,’ Damon’s third and final turn as the lethal agent.

So when Empire sat down with writer-director Tony Gilroy about the future of the franchise, he admitted, “My dream is that in the next one, we see Matt and Jeremy team up.”

That’s the studio’s dream, as well. But we’re not sure if that means Gilroy thinks the franchise needs Damon’s help to carry it, or that a wish-list fantasy would just be to have these two macho leads joining forces to take down a massive foe. We’ll know a lot more about the strength of the ‘Bourne’ franchise once ‘Legacy’ reaches theaters on Aug. 10. That first trailer was fantastic, and we’re willing to bet the movie delivers. Why else would they already be talking about a fifth movie if they weren’t confident in the drawing power of part four, right?