Well, this is an odd play for the Trade Federation.  Every year, attendees of San Diego Comic-Con can be heard to say that the convention has become much less about actual comics, and dominated by the film and TV industry.  They're not wrong, but most TV and movies in attendance have at least some connection to the typical Comic-Con audience.  In the case of AMC's 'Breaking Bad,' fans might have a point.

Though not a first for AMC given their panels for 'The Walking Dead,' today we've learned from IGN that 'Breaking Bad' will be making its first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2012.  Walter White himself, actor Bryan Cranston revealed the news while speaking at the LA film festival.  According to Cranston, the panel will take place on Saturday, July 14, and will show the season 5 premiere in advance of its July 15 airing.

Given that 'Breaking Bad's fifth, and final season will be divided into two runs of eight episodes, the first beginning this July, and the second in 2013, it remains to be seen if the series will make an appearance at next year's Comic-Con as well.  No location or panelists have been announced as of yet, but it seems likely at least Cranston will make an appearance.

It's certainly an unorthodox move for the critically applauded 'Breaking Bad,' as one wouldn't expect a series of such dramatic caliber to be shown for a Comic-Con audience.  Still, we'll know the end is near if 'Mad Men' ever decides to sign up for a panel.

What say you?  Are you looking forward to having 'Breaking Bad' at San Diego Comic-Con this year?  Will you be out in California for the big show?  Tell us what you want to see in the comments below!