It finally happened.  Not only did 'Breaking Bad' make a triumphant first (and hopefully not last) appearance at Comic-Con 2012, but Walter White made his return to TV in 'Breaking Bad' season 5's premiere "Live Free or Die."  But why wait a whole week for a sneak peek of the next episode, "Madrigal?"

Walter White, Jesse and the whole 'Breaking Bad' gang are back for season 5, and we couldn't be happier.  While something of a slow installment the first time around, we can tell you that next Sunday's "Madrigal definitely ramps up the stakes, and sends Hank Schrader hot on the trail of the elusive Heisenberg!

But how long will it be until Hank realizes that the newly crowned meth kingpin of Albuquerque is secretly his own-brother in law?  After all, Gus Fring had everyone fooled for years, and even he wasn't able to outsmart Walter White.  Boom!  So how does the DEA react to the news that someone they've worked with for years was secretly a drug king in his own right?  Find out in the brand new sneak peek clip of episode two, "Madrigal!"  From the official description:

In order to rebuild their lives and form a new profitable business, Walt and Jesse decide to look for a new potential partner to aid them in their latest venture. The DEA filters through various leads in hopes of finding something.

Check out the new clip below, and tell us what you thought of 'Breaking Bad' season 5 premiere "Life Free or Die" in the comments!