If at some point in the next few weeks you should hear a knock at your door, beware!  The one who knocks is coming for all of us as 'Breaking Bad' season 5 explodes out of the gate on Sunday, July 15 (14 for the lucky folk at Comic-Con 2012.)  We've seen the new episodes and absolutely love them, but how you like a spoiler-y new preview?

Go behind the scenes of 'Breaking Bad' season 5 in the latest look from AMC, which takes time to talk to the cast and crew of the critically acclaimed series as they gear up for another year of meth, murder and mayhem.  In it, you'll learn what Bryan Cranston has to say on who Walter White has become in the wake of his spectacular victory over Gus "The Chicken Man" Fring.

As well the entire cast is on hand to show off new footage, and tease us with a season even darker, and more dangerous than any year previous.  Now that Hank's theories have been vindicated, will he catch the elusive Heisenberg?  How does Jesse re-invest himself in working with Walt, given all the distrust they had last season?  What happens in a world where Walter White is no longer in danger, but ascendant?

Check out the brand-new 'Breaking Bad' Season 5 preview below, and tell us what you're most looking forward to in the comments!