With only eight episodes of 'Breaking Bad' remaining for the entire series, to premiere at an undetermined date this summer, AMC has been very guarded with releasing material from the critically-acclaimed drama's final hours. Thankfully, the Emmy-winning cast isn't so tight-lipped about 'Breaking Bad's final hours! New spoilers from the actors tease major character deaths to come and some very unpleasant scenes, so get the latest on 'Breaking Bad's final episodes inside!

Given how 'Breaking Bad's fifth season premiere "Live Free or Die" opened in flash-forward and mid-season finale "Gliding Over All" left us with a tense cliffhanger, the final eight episodes have quite a bit of ground to cover in wrapping up the tale of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. We know that series creator Vince Gilligan will both write and direct the eagerly-anticipated finale, but what of the episodes leading up to it?

TVGuide had a chance to catch up with both series leads Anna Gunn (Skyler) and Bryan Cranston, who teased some majorly unpleasant sequences to come in the final episodes. Those expecting plenty of character death won't be disappointed, as while the first half of the final eight episodes won't feature any major kills, Gunn revealed that at least one series regular had been informed of their imminent demise.

Gunn also joked that Skyler will get a new car (much as Walter and Walter Jr. ill-advisedly bought), while Cranston himself teased an ominous encounter in Walter's future. "There are going to be tears," says the star. "There are two scenes with a neighbor lady named Carol. One is very sweet and nice. And one is not."

What say you? How do you think 'Breaking Bad's final eight episodes will progress when they premiere this summer on AMC? Will multiple characters bite the big one? Give us your theories on 'Breaking Bad' season 5 in the comments!