'Breaking Bad' season 5, how you torture all our souls.  We wait patiently until your July 15 season premiere (unless you're in San Diego for Comic-Con 2012, boo-ya!), but so far we're jones-ing for new footage!  So as much as we love being reminded of the trail of bodies that put Walter White (Bryan Cranston) on top of the Albuquerque meth game, how about an official trailer?

The latest look at 'Breaking Bad' season 5 from AMC serves as a quick reminder of the bloody path Walter White has taken in his slow ascent as "Heisenberg," the underworld figure responsible for the rise of the famous blue meth.  Plenty of folk have fallen on the sword in his wake, but who has Walter himself had to take down in order to become the King?

Even though it's missing a few (for hardcore 'Breaking Bad' fans), check out the the latest promo for the upcoming fifth season, and tell us who you think is going to bite the bullet next!  In the meantime, there's all those great photos, teases, and posters to check out while we desperately wait for the next season...

Watch the teaser, and let us know what you think in the comments!