IFC has already decided that the first, six episode season of the new show 'Bullet in the Face' will be the only one they'll produce. Why? According to Deadline, the show is so wildly violent and offensive that "it isn’t difficult to see watchdog groups taking offense at the material and using it to demonize IFC." Hmm...doesn't that just make you want to watch it even more? Check out the teaser below.

The brainchild of 'Sledge Hammer!' creator Alan Spencer, 'Bullet in the Face' is a half hour comedy that combines wacky, broad humor with sickening violence and total political incorrectness. Apparently, the content is simply too much for IFC, who are burying the series by airing it late over two nights. So if you want to see what spooked IFC so badly, set your DVRs for August 16 and 17th from 10:00 through 11:30.

The new teaser is incredibly brief, but it definitely seems to sell the show's dark flavor:

Here's the official plot description:

"A series about a psychotic criminal trying to juggle the demands of violence and an active social life."

For a more detailed description, we'll turn to Deadline again:

"It stars Canadian actor Max Williams as Gunter Vogler, a brutally psychopathic, deliriously misogynistic German assassin-turned-cop. The character is utterly without conscience or filter, shooting people indiscriminately and accompanying it with radically offensive invective. The blood spurts freely and often. Eric Roberts and Eddie Izzard co-star as wacko mob bosses...We see Gunter in a church using a crucifix as a backscratcher and casually lumping former VP Dick Cheney with Hitler and Stalin in conversation. He mows down basketball players on a court as if taking target practice."

Um, wow. Does anyone else think this sounds like an absolute must-watch? Are you ready for the most violence sitcom of all time?