News has dropped that some more personalization packs will be released for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. This means that some of you will have to give up your bacon-covered guns in exchanged for some new designs.

According to OneofSwords, Major Nelson announced the new personalization packs will be coming to us next week on July 23 for $2 (160MSP) a pop.

The image above is the Aqua Pack, which, as you can see, has a decidedly watery theme. We feel like the bubble reticles are a nice touch.

Below, in the following order, are the Breach, Desert Coyote, Glam, Pack-A-Punch and Rogue Packs. Each of these packs contains a unique weapon skin, three reticles and an all-new Calling Card. Become a terror on the field and do it in style, knowing that you'll stand apart from the rest with your nifty new skins.

Let us know which of these personalization packs you'll be grabbing for the Xbox 360, and whether or not you're looking forward to more packs in the future. The packs should hit other platforms in about another month.