This year, Universal Studios will be invaded by Resident Evil 2 during its Halloween Horror Nights. Now you can get your first look at the real life Raccoon City.

Capcom posted the first few sneak peeks on its official site, offering us a glimpse into the terrifying attraction running from Sept. 20-Nov. 2 at Universal's Orlando location. Attendees will get to run through the Resident Evil 2-inspired maze, fending off zombies and monsters that frequented Raccoon City in the video game.

Much of the maze has been kept under wraps, but with these first images we're given a clear look at the Raccoon City Police Department, a safe room and a street in the middle of the city. The infamous typewriter gives us a hint there will be plenty of Easter eggs to uncover, so long as you live long enough not to be eaten by a licker.

Check out the images, and start planning your trip now. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and Resident Evil fans won't want to miss out.