Marvel Studios must be getting closer to finding the right director for 'Captain America 2' since they just announced the official release date for the upcoming sequel. Let's get ready for some more adventures!

Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce that 'Captain America 2' is up and running in pre-production, but it won't be appearing in theaters next year. Rather they'll be looking to show off the red, white and blue Captain in theaters once again on April 4, 2014. Chris Evans will be reprising the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America once again in 'Captain America 2.'

It's an interesting move on Disney and Marvel's part, mainly because the earliest that they've chosen to release one of their superhero properties is during the first week of May, or what basically is now Marvel week. Perhaps they think that they stand a better chance getting bigger box office revenue if they chose to chuck it out right before the actual summer movie season begins.

On top of that, it's not like Captain America doesn't have a fan base. Steve Rogers is one of the more popular characters to leap off the pages of Marvel comics and onto the big screen. Although the patriotic superhero made modest money in the domestic box office, movie-goers are now know who the character is and will be even more so when they see him in 'The Avengers' this May 4th.