It's easy to pick up on the influences in both 'Captain America' films, from the vintage pulp of 'The First Avenger' to the '70s spy thriller style of 'The Winter Soldier,' but this fan-made trailer takes it a step further, placing Cap in his very own '80-style action flick. The results are totally awesome, utilizing the familiar worn-in feel of an old VHS tape and a classic voiceover to deliver a trailer for 'Captain America: Winter Soldier.' We'd definitely watch this movie.

The trailer uses footage from '80s classics like 'RoboCop' to construct a new story for Captain America. Here's the official plot:

PLOT: The year is 2007. Crime is at an all time high and the law has a plan to wipe it out! CAPTAIN AMERICA (Chris Evans), a Vietnam vet who was given super strength by a military scientist, Abraham Erskine (Cillian Murphy) is now America’s new crime fighter. When he refuses to kill an innocent Senator he is back stabbed by the very people who made him! He’s out for revenge. If you’re going to make enemies, you better make sure it’s not America!

You'll also undoubtedly notice that there are some modern clips in there from movies like 'Austin Powers' and 'Batman Begins.' The trailer works best when it's incorporating the classics, but it's still pretty fun.