It's been a few years since we last saw a film from Paul Greengrass, but the new 'Captain Phillips' trailer shows that the director of 'The Bourne Ultimatum' hasn't lost his style at all. In fact, the movie looks terrific. That's what you get when you put Greengrass at the helm of a terrifying/exciting true story and cast Tom Hanks in the lead role.

'Captain Phillips' tells the story of Captain Richard Phillips, whose cargo ship was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009, making it the first successful pirate seizure of an American ship in 200 years. You may very well remember the ensuring standoff between the pirates and the United States military (it was pretty huge news), but we won't spoil what went down. Anway, the film's focus seems to be squarely on Hanks' Phillips, who went through an ordeal that can best be described as hellish.

Greengrass tends to rotate between "serious" projects (the heartbreaking 'United 93' and the shattering 'Bloody Sunday') and fun action movies (the two most successful Jason Bourne movies), but 'Captain Phillips' looks like it'll have a foot firmly in both camps. The trailer gives off some pretty serious 'Zero Dark Thirty' vibes, looking like a movie that will be an intense, entertaining thriller as well as a respectful look at a harrowing true story.

Check out the 'Captain Phillips' trailer below before the film arrives on October 11, 2013... just in time for Oscar season.