When Tom Hanks is in a movie, it's hard to imagine anyone else portraying his character. Such is the case for his Oscar-nominated performance as Chuck Noland, the stranded FedEx employee in 'Cast Away.'

However, there was one character in 'Cast Away' who was totally expendable: Wilson.

Sure, the lonely Hanks might have gotten pretty attached to Wilson, but "Wilson" could have been a number of other things.

Below is a list of 10 alternatives to Wilson in the film 'Cast Away.'

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Grumpy Cat

A Short-Haired, Over-Smiling Anne Hathaway Head

Apple's Hockey Puck Mouse

A Jai Alai Helmet and Basket

Kanye West's Skirt Outfit from the '12-12-12' Benefit Concert

Disc Two, Season Two of 'The OC'

An Over-Sized 'Shaq Fu' Sega Genesis Cartridge

A Melodica

The Zoltar Machine from 'Big'