Dead Ringers

‘Thundercats” Lion-O + Carrot Top — Dead Ringers?
We never truly understood how horrifying Carrot Top was until we looked at past photos of him. Back then, his chiseled bod and red hair (and face of his that gives off the illusion he's always wearing makeup) still make him look like the real-life incarnation of Lion-O from 'Thundercats&ap…
Jack Frost + ‘Merlin’ — Dead Ringers?
For those of you who haven't seen 'Rise of the Guardians,' you may want to stop reading here as some spoilers are coming up ahead! Just saying, you were warned.
Jack Frost is the central character in this animated masterpiece by director Peter Ramsey, and the driving force behind his actions is his d…
Zachary Quinto + Eli Roth — Dead Ringers?
Zachary Quinto is one stylish S.O.B. with all his bow ties, his slicked-back hair, pocket squares and suits galore, so it comes as no surprise that some other not-so-fab celebs would want to jack his swagga. We're talking about you, Eli Roth.
Billy Zane + Arnold Vosloo — Dead Ringers?
It feels like Billy Zane has gone through as many image changes as Lindsay Lohan has gone through court houses. If you browse through his past pics, you'll see, beards, mustaches, newsboy hats, d-bag turtlenecks those slam poets always wear, and various other sartorial choices. But one in particular…
Mel Gibson + The Burger King — Dead Ringers?
BREAKING NEWS: We know why that creepy masked Burger King freaks us out so much.  That almost terrifying way his face is frozen with the same smile as Christian Bale's 'American Psycho' persona, the way he'll just randomly appear in bed next you, the way he's persistent…
Orlando Bloom + Mats Hummels — Dead Ringers?
There aren't too many guys out there who can say they look like Orlando Bloom; some celebs try to copy his swagger, but to little or no avail. Well, we've found one guy who might as well be Bloom's long-lost brother 'cause the two are near-identity twins.

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