'The Walking Dead' "Consumed" Preview: Will Daryl and Carol Rescue Beth?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 09, 2014 11:40 PM
Sunday's latest 'The Walking Dead' season 5 installment "Self Help" took yet another diversion to show us what shenanigans Abraham and Eugene got up to on the road, but next week's "Consumed" will fill in the gaps between Daryl and Carol's "Strangers" flight and Beth's "Slabtown" encounter. Find out what happened in the meantime with our first official clip from next Sunday's latest 'The Walking Dead,' "Consumed!"

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Review: "Pink Cupcakes"

by Britt Hayes November 06, 2014 11:54 AM
Every season of television needs a central conflict around which it revolves, around which some other, smaller conflicts float, tethered to its orbit, but always drawn into the grand design. 'American Horror Story' is the obnoxious, rebellious teenage series. It doesn't play by these rules and conventions, sometimes to its detriment. Conflicts and villains are introduced and swept away; those players whom we think major are offed in the first few episodes, and big bads emerge and converge in seemingly senseless fashion. Who are the true villains of 'Freak Show'? It's a question that perhaps the show is still trying to answer.

Freddy Krueger Is Responsible for Mark Hamill's Casting in 'Star Wars'

by Britt Hayes November 05, 2014 08:08 PM
New Line/20th Century Fox
It's hard to imagine Luke Skywalker being played by anyone but Mark Hamill in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, but it very well could have happened. And according to 'Nightmare on Elm Street' icon Robert Englund, better known to audiences as Freddy Krueger, it might not have happened at all had he not once told a teenage boy about the part after coming home from a failed 'Star Wars' audition himself.

Robert Kirkman's Cinemax 'Outcast' Conjures Patrick Fugit for Lead Exorcism Role

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 05, 2014 06:28 PM
Image Comics / Dimitrios Kambouris, Getty Images
'The Walking Dead''s success under Robert Kirkman remains assured through at least the next apocalypse, but the producer's Cinemax adaptation of exorcism comic drama 'Outcast' has today taken a major leap forward. 'Almost Famous' and 'Gone Girl' star Patrick Fugit has officially nabbed the pilot's leading role, while additional cast and a director have joined the supernatural thriller as well.

Universal Sets Release Date for Second Monster Universe Movie, Whatever That Will Be

by Britt Hayes November 04, 2014 05:27 PM
A while back, Universal announced plans to reboot their classic monsters into a new franchise of films which will all share a universe, similar to Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but, you know, with monsters. The project will be kicked off in 2016 with a reboot of 'The Mummy,' and now Universal has set a 2017 release date for the second film in their monster universe -- or Universal Monster Universe? UMU?

Stephen King is No Fan of 'Room 237' Calls It "Academic Bulls---"

by Jacob Hall November 04, 2014 09:56 AM
Warner Bros.
Stephen King, the horror maestro behind dozens of great and plenty of terrible novels, recently sat down for his first extended interview in 15 years and revealed himself to be just like your smart, political and odd uncle. Well, an uncle that really, really hates 'Room 237' and Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining.'

NBC's 'Constantine' Conjures First Look at Voodoo Villain Papa Midnite

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 03, 2014 03:08 PM
NBC's 'Constantine' hasn't exactly lit the world aflame the way FOX's 'Gotham' or The CW's 'Flash' have advanced the DC TV brand, but the demon detective's NBC adventures are about to conjure their most comic book-centric story yet. See Michael James Shaw's arrival as 'Constantine''s voodoo villain Papa Midnite in new photos from this Friday's "The Devil's Vinyl!"

'The Walking Dead' Preview: Eugene's Mullet Gets "Self Help"

by Kevin Fitzpatrick November 02, 2014 11:20 PM
Where this week's latest 'The Walking Dead' season 5 installment "Slabtown" ventured outside the main cast to catch up with Beth's new circumstances, next week's "Self Help" will return firmly to Abraham and his cohorts on the road to Washington D.C. All involved will have some understandable questions for the mysterious Eugene however, the first of which the portly scientist begins to answer in our first clip from next week's episode: