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Neill Blomkamp Is Still Talking About ‘Alien,’ Says It Could Actually Be Two Films

by Britt Hayes March 6, 2015 @ 6:16 PM
Neill Blomkamp
It’s very telling how little Neill Blomkamp is talking about Chappie and how much time he’s spent talking about his Alien concept during press rounds—like a magician performing a little bit of misdirection. Following the official announcement that Blomkamp is indeed working on a new Alien installment for Fox, the director and Sigourney Weaver have both been very talkative about the project, revealing that this new film takes place between the first two. The latest update from Blomkamp hints that his Alien movie might actually be two movies.

‘The Vatican Tapes’ Trailer: Michael Pena Does the Exorcism Horror Thing

by Britt Hayes March 6, 2015 @ 5:16 PM
If you thought movies like The Devil Inside and Deliver Us From Evil had effectively ended the renewed trend of exorcism horror flicks, think again. It’s Michael Peña’s turn to get in on the demonic horror genre in the trailer for The Vatican Tapes, in which the actor plays what Djimon Hounsou (looking pretty sharp in that priest garb) describes as a “warrior for God.” It basically looks like The Devil Inside meets Deliver Us From Evil, but I get the feeling it’s not combining the best of both films.

‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Sets June Premiere Date With First Photo

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 6, 2015 @ 4:15 PM
Fans of Bryan Fuller’s NBC Hannibal had an understandable tummy grumble when Season 3 ended up pushed to summer 2015, but at last we know when the third course will be served. NBC has officially announced a June premiere date for Hannibal Season 3, whetting appetites with a new photo of the culinary cannibal on a boss hog.

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Comic-TV Comparison: ‘Remember’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 6, 2015 @ 11:41 AM
AMC / Image Comics
The Walking Dead Season 5 shambled out its 12th entry with Sunday’s latest “Remember” but how did it hold up to the comic book continuity? Alexandria seems too good to be true as the group settles into the peaceful community and meets its mysterious inhabitants, so let’s find out how close the source material stuck through Sunday’s latest!

‘It Follows’ Director David Robert Mitchell on His Distinctive and Timeless Horror Film

by Britt Hayes March 6, 2015 @ 10:44 AM
David Robert Mitchell left quite an impression with his first feature film, The Myth of the American Sleepover, an honest and subdued look at teen friendship and coming of age. The director has returned with his second feature, It Follows, a thoughtful horror film in which teens are once again the focus, this time coping with a sexually-transmitted haunting. Mitchell has a knack for understanding young people, with a keen ear for their dialogue and a sharp perception of the somewhat separate world they inhabit. Along with a handful of other directors, Mitchell has helped to reinvigorate the horror genre, which has suffered in recent years from the influx of found footage and banal, unoriginal concepts. We had a chance to speak with Mitchell about It Follows, the genesis of this layered and impactful horror film, and the timelessness of what he’s created.

Teacher Who Showed ‘The ABCs of Death’ to Her Students Sent to Jail

by Jacob Hall March 4, 2015 @ 4:32 PM
Magnet/Drafthouse Films
The internet will never stop arguing about when it is okay to show films with explicit content to children. But, there is one thing that we’re pretty sure everyone can agree on: showing the violent and disturbing The ABCs of Death to five classes of unsuspecting students is an act of irresponsible idiocy on just about every conceivable level. Columbus, Ohio substitute teacher Sheila Kearns was rightfully let go from her job back in 2013 when she screened the film for her substitute Spanish classes, but the courts have handed down an additional punishment: 90 days in jail.

‘It’ Director Cary Fukunaga Is Looking for the ‘Perfect’ Pennywise to Terrify You All Over Again

by Britt Hayes March 3, 2015 @ 7:28 PM
Warner Bros.
Cary Fukunaga’s adaptation of Stephen King’s It is one seriously ambitious project, and given the massive size and the generation-spanning scope of the novel, it’s hardly surprising (and even something of a relief) that he’s splitting the story into two films. Fukunaga has a lot of work ahead of him, but most challenging will be the casting of Pennywise the clown, the terrifying entity made famous by Tim Curry in the ‘90s miniseries adaptation. Rest assured that Fukunaga isn’t taking that casting lightly.

Neill Blomkamp Wants Michael Biehn to Return for ‘Alien 5’

by Matt Singer March 2, 2015 @ 1:49 PM
Neill Blomkamp
At this point it seems like a done deal that Neill Blomkamp is making a new Alien movie as his follow-up to this week’s Chappie. And it also seems like a done deal that Sigourney Weaver, the star of all four previous Alien movies, will be joining him to reprise her role as Ellen Ripley. But Blomkamp’s said he envisions his film connecting directly to Alien and Aliens, and the concept art he put on Instagram that sparked all this mishegas included images of Ripley alongside Hicks, the Space Marine played by Michael Biehn in Aliens. Does that mean Biehn will be back for Blomkamp’s Alien as well?

‘The Walking Dead’ ‘Forget’ Sneak Peek: Sasha Settles Into Alexandria

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 1, 2015 @ 11:45 PM
The Walking Dead made a shocking return to suburbia this Sunday, as Rick and co. struggled to “Remember” the world behind the walls of Alexandria. The group seems to have settled in for the moment, but is Sasha already starting to “Forget,” judging by the first clip from next Sunday’s installment?